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Size and Location

Gedo Region, Somalia: bordered on the East by Bay and Bakool regions, on the West by Mandera County of Kenya, and with Middle Juba to the South and Doolow Ethiopia to the North. The region is made up of six administrative districts, Garbaharey, Baardheere (the capital), Ceel Waaq in the south and Belet Xaawo, Doloow, and Luuq in the north.

Mandera County, Kenya: bordered on the East by Gedo Region of Somalia, on the North by Doolow Woreda of Ethiopia, and on the West and South by Wajir County of Kenya. Mandera County is divided into six constituencies/sub-counties – Mandera West, Mandera East, Mandera South, Mandera North, Banissa, and Lafey. The county covers a total of 26,474 square kilometers of Northeast Kenya.

Doolow, Ethiopia: located in the angle formed by the confluence of the Ganale River with the Dawa River, and bordered to the west by the Woreda of Mubarak, to the northwest by the Woreda of Filtu, to the southeast by Gedo Region of Somalia, on the north and east by Afder Zone, and on the south by Mandera County of Kenya. The Woreda is part of the
expansive Somali region of Ethiopia which comprises 350,000 square kilometres in south-east Ethiopia.

Gedo Region (Somalia): 328,3781
Mandera County (Kenya): 1,025,0002
Doolow (Ethiopia): 111,5113

Ethnic composition
Gedo Region: Dominated by the Marehan Clan, but also includes Rahanweyn, Ogaden, Harti clans and some Bantu.
Mandera County: Three ethnic Somali clans – the Garre, Murulle, and Degodia – comprise most of the population, with the Garre being the most populous. Other Somali clans that are present in small numbers are referred to as ‘corner tribes’. Non-Somali, mainly highland Kenyans in Mandera County reside primarily in Mandera town and a few other
urban settlements and are mostly in the military, police, civil service, or service professions such as health and education. This group lives in Mandera only temporarily, to secure temporary and seasonal employment and typically relocate once their contract is finished. In addition, Al Shabaab-related violence in Mandera has driven away most
education and health care professionals, most of whom are non-locals (Kenyan nationals).

Doolow Ado: Majority of the population belong to the Degodia clan, followed by Geremare.

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